vinyl groups not syncing

im trying to import my vinyls from fh4 but when i go to the page nothing happens, i am playing on pc steam

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I had the same problem.
It turned out that it’s just REALLY slow.

I posted my problem here but then after at least 10 - 15 minutes it struck 1% synced. The whole thing took nearly an hour on my connection.
Get it to “Syncing 0%” and go leave it do it’s thing.

im not even getting any bar

It took me about 1 hour to sync liveries and designs form FH4 and FM7

no designs and no vinyl groups from FH4 for me

I don’t get any %Bar wich show me the progress

FH4 designs and FH4 vinyls screen is just empty

Same issue. my vinyl groups and liveries won’t load at all

You simply can’t sync vinyl groups from the Windows Store version of Horizon 4 to the Steam version of Horizon 5.
There is no cross save between the two platforms, therefore no player-made content syncing between platforms.

Where did you get this info?
I don’t think it’s true because your character data is saved online and it uses your xbox name for the game account.

When I try to sync, I immediately get an error:

Sync Error
An error has occurred while trying to sync your connected storage.

I’m on Series X

I that fix it ? i want my old Vinyls from FH 4

ive been trying to do get my fh4 liveries ive worked hours on to sync to fh5 but i only get the bases that save none of the completes with the vinyl groups ive applied on them
playing on xbox one and using the game pass version

How can i force another re-sync from FM7’s vinyl groups into FH5 again? Some decal sets are not appearing & i really need to transfer some files as they’re time consuming to replicate again.

Edit Note: Playing on the PC version.

At least at the moment it unfortunately seems to be impossible to sync again after you’ve done it once.