Viewing my own tunes

Hi all, first my apologies if this question has already been covered, I tried a few searches with no luck.

Is there any way to view all of my tunes in one place/list similar to the way I can view all of my paints or do I have to select the car first for each tune I’ve done. I’d like to review some of them but stupidly I did’nt make a note of all of them and going through them by having to select the car first is prooving very time consuming.

Thanks in advance.

Unfortunately, you have to check car by car.

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I suspected as much but many thanks for confirming … I guess now is a good time to start making that list :slight_smile:

I have a quick question. When I post a tune, I never see my name for the tuner. Am I missing a switch somewhere?

If you’re on about seeing your name in a Multiplayer Hopper, you can’t see your own name as you can’t download your own tunes.

Other players in the room will see that it’s your livery/tune however.

Not to take over the OP’s thread, yet, try too quickly answer your question…You must share it prior, or right after, you race it at a particular track. Or, run it again after you share it. You cannot change the tune in the interim between your run and sharing, if you want to keep your previous run showing the tuner GT.