View of USA and Others

hello, view of France it lacks a lot of interesting car like the Mclaren 675lt, 720s, Ferrari 812 superfast or small city cars like the Peugeot 208 gti or the 308 gti or others. Do you think the same thing in the United
States or elsewhere?

What’s the question?

We got 1000s of Toyota Corollas and Honda Civics in the USA.

With 700+ cars in the game, I think it caters to most preferences pretty well. There will always be cars not in the game that some would like to see but we can’t have every car ever made.

Hats off for polling the whole of France. I didn’t have that much time so I asked my wife and son, to get England’s view… my wife doesn’t want anything(for a change), she likes her Range Rover as she can park on double yellow lines blocking the gates on the school run. My son doesn’t care, he wants V-Bucks or something. I’d like to see John Cleland’s Cavalier.

FYI Wishlist thread