View All of a PAINTER'S Designs at One Time?

Apologies if this has already been discussed/addressed, but it’s there a way to view all of a painter’s designs all at once? Right now, I’m having to choose cars at random and hope that a favorite painter has a design for it when I search.

Thanks in advance.

T10 in their infinite wisdom did away with the storefront so we can’t browse a painter’s whole collection.


I really enjoy FM6, but this missing functionality is a constant annoyance. I’d love to see this basic capability added via a patch/update…soon, please!


Not possible, sorry.

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One thing I do is go through some galleries here and manually buy each car and download the liveries one at a time. Hope that helps your enjoyment better!


Here’s a tip… (this is what I did)

Go to forza gallery and search for everyone’s Gamertags. (most people will have at least one picture uploaded.) Add them as a favorite creator.

(I went through the paint forum and the weekly comps) so I added lots of talented artists.

Now when you buy a new car there’s a big chance you will have some nice designs to pick from.


Shame its not like F4 looking for paint, think I’ve shared close to 200 car paint in FH2 & F6, as I paint alot, no chance of me stopping either, love painting cars.

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Designers making their own threads, showcasing their work here on the forza forum is probably the best way to show people what they have in their design garage.

I suggest that they offer some info regarding manufacturer and model (and year for those models that we have a bunch of), so that we can easier find those cars in the in-game “car shop”. That’d be a win-win for both designer and buyers/fans - right??!!