Videoing racing help please!

Hi everyone, my 7 year old son has this game and wants to know how to video his races and watch them. I have no idea how!? Please can you help?

Use the xbox game dvr: for a quick record of the past 30 seconds hit the xbox button on the controller twice and then press x (Great shortcut) to get the whole race load the game dvr using the snap console (Xbox button twice, snap, game dvr) and pick end clip and then you can choose up to the past 5 minutes… most races aren’t longer. Then just edit the clip in the upload studio app and share it.

Once you record using the game dvr or edit it in upload studio it shows up in your live feed and you can just share it from there. You can also choose to upload the video to onedrive in upload studio and share it on other sites like youtube.