[VIDEO] Players visible on map but not in game - PC

YouTube (shows players viewed on map disappearing when near)

This happens almost always in areas with a high amount of players, such as the Festival. If I am encountering this bug at a Forzathon circle the invisible players will phase in game once the event begins and be visible after the end. I’ve had no issues with matchmaking for events, lag, races, joining convoys or friends’ lobbies and rarely dip below 100 FPS with dynamic rendering off. It does not matter if I quick travel or drive up to these areas.

I have the game up to date
I’ve tried rolling back Windows updates (Currently running latest updates)
I’ve done a reset from add/remove programs but no full reinstall
Players Quick Chat and info on the player screen is still visible.
The bug doesn’t seem to be tied to one lobby, if I am experiencing it and switch lobbies repeatedly each will be “bugged” with only a fraction of the players being visible

  • Xbox Networking shows 47 ping, 0% packet loss, Moderate NAT, and Xbox services connected and running.

I’ve searched Google and only a few results and 0 solutions

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