Very same car feels different in SP and MP races

Hey fellas,

I recognized an odd behaviour when it comes to SP and MP races.

The car’s behaviour feels different. In a SP race the car is totally fine and I can feel that my tuning is working completely fine.

But sometimes in a MP race the car feels like it’s on ice. I can’t control it anymore. I was driving these cars a lot in SP races in many different weather conditions and never had such an issue.

So I guess that sometimes your tuning isn’t properly loading upon entering a race but I am not sure about this.

Am I just driving crazy or do others have the same experience?

Cheers Rank

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I’ve experienced a lot of positioning lag and sometimes input lag when racing in Unranked lately. Depending on your tune this can make a difference.
Meaning if you drive something sensible like a high-end RWD car without TCS, due to the small input lag you might not be able to throttle the gas like you are used to and the car wheelspins more than usual. Same goes for small steering inputs.
I’ve never experienced a tune not loading properly though.

During my few Unranked races it was nearly impossible to race “wheel on wheel” simply because the positioning lag led to numerous crashes even if we didn’t really come in touch. The obligatory “slooooowdown, then fast forward”-lag didn’t help either. Currently not a pleasant experience.

Hey Rayne,

thanks for your answer.

The funny thing is that I am using an AWD ride. As told in SP there are no issues at all. But in a MP race the car is doing whatever the hell it wants. So could really be a lag issue.

It’s just sad as you can’t enjoy the race and properly test your own skills and your car’s tune in a “real” environment.

I think without really knowing it, we tend to push and drive the vehicle harder in MP which leads to entering and taking corners a little too fast causing it to feel different.

Experienced a lot slowdowns and stuttering during Friday when I was doing multiple runs on Trial, Drivatar cars were sometimes jumping sideways. Weirdest thing, I sometimes experienced some slowdowns and stutter even when running those routes in single player. Haven’t had any issues for couple of days.

I’m one Xbox One X, game is in performance mode, nothing changed in setup.

Locking brakes while entering, sliding and spinning wheels while exiting can heat tyres up pretty fast and effect to grip is real.

The difference was there for me before. I asked here several times and nobody cared so I am not sure.

But it was pretty clear for me that free roam and MP race is completely different. Currently I drive anything and don’t care too much. So it’s probably there but I can’t feel it anymore.

We tried some theories with tire heat but it didn’t look like a real problem.

Frame rate fluctuation could cause it and it would be difficult to pin down. Something on networking side looks like probable cause based on posts in this topic and my own experience. One thing that can be said for sure, is that since that is happening for us, console users too, which is a standardised platform, it’s isn’t user end problem.

I don’t know, it feels like different physics or at least lower grip. Just different settings for MP games. I wouldn’t find anything special in it.

Yep, I’ve noticed significantly less grip in some races vs freeroam.

One way to test your theory is using “rivals”. Choose someone from the leaderboard that is 5 or so seconds faster than you and try to keep up with them. See if your vehicle feels the same as in MP.