Version, Update, file checks

  1. Where can I find the latest version of FM7 for PC, so I can verify I am running the latest version?

  2. Is there a place to do a manual update check?

  3. Is there a place to do a file integrity check?

Game CTD daily and is getting old esp since I dropped $99 for UE-just saying.

Does anyone from Turn10 actually "Help’ the tech support and help forum?

I would think my 3 questions are fairly straightforward.

If any confusion, let me elucidate:

Question 1, by version I mean the version # that appears as you load game , it would be nice to know a resource/place I can look to verify I am running the latest version

Question 2, I am assuming the game is designed to auto-update? It would still be nice to know if there exists a place to manually click on update

Question 3, I can run a game file integrity check on every single game I own in Steam. Is there a way to do a file integrity check for FM7?

The last few days I am CTD every other race just about and I would like some help please.

Open Windows Store app from your start menu, top right click the “…” button and then “Download and updates” , blue button “Get Updates”