Version 2.5 update is out

Looks like version 2.5 has some changes in badges/achievements, and at least on my system it runs really smoothly now on Medium settings, where before I had to customize things a lot to get it to be tolerable. I have a Core i5-3450 with 24 GB RAM and a GTX 750 Ti.

Nice job, Turn 10!

Does this version include the wheel support? Btw, i’m not seeing any update in the store.

Not seeing an update either, PST here.

Still no update here in Denmark…

You are most likely still using an older version of Windows 10. I had the same issue myself. You need to update your Windows 10 to version 1607 (also known as the Windows 10 Anniversary Update). I was still using Windows 10 version 1511 myself. I tried to update my Windows to the newer version through Windows Update, but I did not recieve this update.

I have reinstalled my Windows using the Media Creation Tool from Microsoft. Link

After I installed the latest version of Windows 10 I opened the Windows Store and the update was instantly visible.

Maybe you can update your current windows to the newer version, this just did not work for me…

Hope this helps,

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Same in Spain, I want to test my wheel u.u

It looks like in Poland update is out. I just opened Store App, checked FM6 store page and after a while update poped up.

strange, still nothing >_<

So now what? Are we gonna keep running the same showcases over and over?

No update in USA, common!

I was ready to test wheel support as well, no update for FM6 available and in my library, the game now says its not compatible with my computer. It is listed under “Doesnt work on this device” in the Windows store library. But the game still runs, it launches and plays, it just wont update. I have 1511 installed does it now require 1607 to update?