Veneno vs. Aventador

So i was just curious, is it worth it to spend the $10 and get the veneno or should i just save my credits up and get the aventador which is better in the long run?

So i was curious which is better when fully upgraded the Veneno or the Aventador. I like the looks of the Veneno better but the aventador is pretty sweet too. Dont wanna spend the $10 on the dlc to get the veneno if the Aventador is better or just as good as the Veneno. Any feedback would be awesome.

I use both in S-class (upgraded to max within S) and i prefer the Veneno over the Aventador. It just feels better on technical tracks and behaves much tamer than it looks like. However, the Aventador can reach a higher top speed, so for LeMans it would be the better choice.

Cant tell you much about how they perform in R-Class though.

In R class both prove to be very stable easy to drive cars, even tho it’s close the veneno has the edge overall.

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As Woo just pointed out, the Veneno is sweeter in S class. But when in R class which is where I have both, the Aventador is an absolute weapon. So if you don’t have the season pass then spending that much just for the Veneno won’t be worth it in my opinion. In S class I use a Diablo VT as i find it the best Lambo in the game.

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The Aventador is the larger, bulkier, Lamborghini that drives well but can’t always hide it’s size.

The Veneno is based on the smaller Gallardo with many improvements coming to it from the Aventador. It feels smaller and easy to drive because it is smaller and lighter but equally powerful.

Have you considered the Gallardo over the Aventador if you’re thinking of not getting the DLC?

Hmmm can these cars go up to the P class? thats what most of my friends race in using ferrari’s. But is the gallardo a car that could compete with say a Ferrari Laferrari or the one mclaren that you start the game in?

Depends on the class you are in and how well you tune it. I haven’t actually done it so I don’t know how high in the classes it can go. I prefer racing C, B, and A class and vintage cars.

The Veneno is actually based on the Aventador, using the improvements in that car plus the ideas that were applied to the Gallardos cousin, the Sesto Elemento.

You’re right, my bad. The Veneno is based on the Aventador and the Sesto Elemento was based on the Gallardo.

No problem. Personally prefer the Gallardo anyway - no idea why but I do.

I have both the Veneno and Aventador for use in S- Class. Personally, I like the Aventador better, it handles quite well with the right tune.