Veneno - Unable to install twin turbo!

Have receive this car as a gift from T10 and everything was looking good until I’ve started tune it up. downloaded tuning set up from three different guys but i thought that i will do a couple of twitch. Want was my surprise when i have found out that i can’t install twin turbo. It’s saying owned but it doesn’t want to install. Anyone know how to solve this ??? Please HELP !!!

This has been a problem with Forza games for a long time. The only way to solve this problem is with a new car. The car you have now will never let you install the turbos in your own build.

If you have a new car, always install the aspiration parts first before installing a locked tune from the sharefront. This includes installing all motor conversions and the aspiration parts with each upgrade motor. If you don’t, the aspiration parts will not install after removing a locked tune.

You can install locked tunes with turbo’s and supercharger’s with no issues as far as I know. I could be wrong on that fact.

Spot on.

If you bought a bunch of upgrades for the “broken” car and don’t want to waste your credits buying them again on a new car, do this:

  1. Buy a second car
  2. Buy the twin turbo (or whatever upgrade won’t install on the original car)
  3. Save tuning setup
  4. Get into the broken car
  5. Load the tune you made with the duplicate car

This solution really only makes sense for cheap cars, but it works!

Of course, you can continue using aspiration upgrades in locked tunes downloaded and applied from then sharefront, however, I’ve been finding that once multiple tunes / set-ups are applied, all the front settings for the car don’t respect the values set in the author’s tune.

Thus, ultimately, it seems that once you apply a shared tune - then future shared tunes are rather useless. Which is disappointing.

they need to fix this issue I shouldnt have to re buy the car to use the parts.