Vellocity Recruiting


Who are we:

We are a bunch of gamers who more than anything just want to drive clean, Have a good laugh, Compete fairly and shout abuse at each other (just playing) but seriously we just want to play stress free. We are trying to build a community of like minded players and we are willing to do whatever it takes to keep it that way. Horizon is a great game. The playground games (King & Infected) are what we like to play around in most. Its the base of our fun. That does not mean we don’t play any other aspect of Horizon because we do regularly. The playground games is just the place where we always end up falling back to.

Still not appealing? You are probably asking “Why should I even consider joining this club?”, well the answers are quite simple:

What do we offer:

New Horizon Players:

If your new to Horizon We can help you in a variety of ways. We have a club garage jam packed full of top class cars to get you kick started for online gaming. If there is a car you would like to drive that is not in the garage then all you need to do is ask MADurks for the car and class you wish for and it will be placed in the club garage as soon as possible.
If your struggling for money and you badly want a car but can’t afford it, Provided that you participate in online games with the rest of the club and prove that your not just in the club for freebies, I am willing to give you the car for free.
Should you need help building the right setup for a track/drag race/playground game etc you need but ask and a get together will be arranged so we can get the best setup for your car for whichever game type you are building for to have you kicking ass as soon as possible.
If your looking to learn how to drive better, take corners quicker, pull off stunts, drive with certain assists turned off or all assists turned off, hints and tips will be given alongside follow the leader training on free roam should you request it.

Experienced Players:

If your an experienced player and looking for an active club who just wants to have fun then you have come to the right place. Our club as mentioned is based around playground games. Not to say that we don’t enjoy any other aspect of Horizon. We do still free roam, Race, Drift, Drag etc and some of us do have a mean competitive streak but when it comes down to it, We just want to have fun, Drive clean and have a good old giggle.

What We Don’t Care About:

We could not care less what your level is offline or online (Does not matter, Can be improved just by participating in races/playground games),
How fast you are (always room for improvement, We can help with that),
Speed camera times (proves nothing but how hard you can drive a fast car in a straight line),
What your rivals times are (Again, Always room for improvement, Help is always at hand)

What We Do Care About:

We only race against clean drivers. We do not believe in ramming any opponent unless that is the point of the game you are playing or you have been provoked (Being hit more than once by the same driver without an apology)
If playing King you aim for the King! If playing Infected and your infected, Aim for the none infected and no one else! Ramming others simply because they are better drivers is bad sportsmanship which is something we will not tolerate!
We DO NOT ACCEPT any form of glitching whilst competing (What people choose to do outside of competition is their own business)
Banter is more than welcome, We love a bit of trash talk provided no SERIOUS insults are thrown in. Keep it light!
More than anything, What do we care about most… FUN!! LOTS OF IT!

Sound good?
Wont hurt to give it a trial run will it?
Go on, Give it a go. If you end up enjoying it and want to stay in the club then cool, the more the merrier. If not that’s not a problem, No sour faces in here. We are happy to make new friends either way.
If you do end up joining, We look forward to seeing you. If not, Happy gaming and have fun!!! :slight_smile:

The Beaumont King

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Still recruiting…

Sign me up please, not very good but at least I try