Vehicles missing badges?

How are the SS cars STILL missing badges to this day. I get they were removed to “align” with Chevy. But those days are over now. And every other game features the emblems. The biggest issue is the vehicles all look like clones and actually the chevelle is not a chevelle without that badging. The Chevelle was an SS Chevy that normally featured a 396 motor and the rare and big dog had the 454. So you guys created a Malibu will Chevelle SS bumper trims and stripes…real nice. The issue is these cars are NOT true SS cars without the badges. Why didn’t you guys attempt to change the models on some? Or make the badges optional to people who complain about them. Chevy uses them to this day on the new vehicles. Other games use them. It is not a Chevy issue. I’m hoping it was just something that was done and never reverted. That’s pretty ridiculous and it seems miniscule to whine about. But it’s also miniscule to remove something that makes these cars pretty authentic and truly the vehicles they claim to be in game.