Vehicle Specific Accolades not tracking

Not sure if its an issue on my end or not but every time i try to complete an accolade with a specific car it just doesn’t work. I managed to complete all the speed traps but cant get any of the drift ones to work. it shows checkmark on right car but even tho i get the speed or drift points it just wont complete. is this a known issue? or is there any fix? is it because i use tunes?

thanks for taking time to read and hopefully any help would be amazing

i’ve the same issue with 3 drift accolade , where it says " at least X points " with that car , i do a lot more points than needed but there is no way to unlock that… it seems that maybe the " drift zone " that say to do is not the right one… i think ill try all of the drift zone with the same car to check it…

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Known problem, among players at least. Been trying to keep this as a megathread:

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