Vehicle acceleration is incredibly slow

Since about a month ago (when the Toyota supra came out) I haven’t played the game much but every time I go on now, every single vehicle I use feels incredibly slow to accelerate, even when sitting and revving the vehicle is takes a good few seconds for it to reach redline and once it reaches it, it just sits there it doesn’t actually bang off the limiter as if they’re all on restricted power, for example the Bugatti Chiron with full upgrades I was struggling to reach 200 mph. I then went into and race in a Ferrari Laferrari (again fully upgraded into the high S2 class) against highly skilled drivers and instantly off the line they all just left me and I’m struggling to gain speed, feels like all the vehicles have serious lag when accelerating. Any ideas?

I haven’t noticed any difference.

(edit - I misread and assumed the OP meant the game may have changed something with an update.)

You might have put auto braking on or something.

Use telemetry to make sure you’re able to get 100% throttle. Might need to adjust your deadzone.

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I tried the dead zone and fiddled around with it but still no joy, I have no idea it almost feels like they all have turbo lag and only slowly kick in high in the Rev range even when the vehicle is non turbo

Hmm sounds like you’re gears might be too tall…?

A really quick way to fix the gears is to adjust final drive till the last gear is just touching the end of the graph. Won’t be perfect but imho doing it that way is decent enough like 90% of the time.

Did you checked the telemetry, as my Logitech F710 did same thing, every car felt sluggish.
Did calibration in Windows and it went full range after it, but no such luck ingame, still went only to about 70% full throttle and brake.

Downloaded Logitech utility and run it, disconnected the receiver, took out batteries from controller, plugged in the usb receiver and installed the batteries.
Everything works as it should now.

Did the OP ever get this resolved? Today I I downloaded the fortune island and Lego speed bundle. And my cars now feel extremely slow. Just like the OP stated 1200hp Lamborghinis feel very slow and struggling to get past 125ish mph.