Vauxhall Insignia VXR - Cosmetic Damage Bug

I’ve been driving the Insignia VXR a lot since it was made available today, and it’s great so far, especially as a police car, but when playing in Performance mode on Xbox One, when the body of the car is damaged, there are several spots on the car where the model distorts irregularly, and polygons simply go astray, or missing. This doesn’t happen with other parts of the car, such as the bumpers or other body panels, only the main body. It’s odd, considering that the inconsistencies don’t seem to occur on the higher quality model used in Quality mode, or Photo mode, but it’s a glaring visual issue, compared to other car’s damage models, when driving them in Performance mode. As far as I know, it’s the only car I know to have a damage model this bugged, and it massively stands out negatively from other cars as a result.

Alongside that, is another minor visual issue, where vinyls placed on the side of the car are extrapolated onto the light bar, when equipped, wherein it should either conform to vinyl placement on top of the car, or disallow vinyls at all.

I hope that someone from PG or Turn 10 sees this, and are aware of this issue, and I’m hoping that it’s resolved fairly soon.