Various issues - Xbox Series X

Hi All,

I’m aware of the FH5 known issues ( but some of the known issues on there are shown as fixed but I still have the issues:

Does anyone else have the below or suggest what to do, other than wait? I raised a case with Forza Support but no joy, my ticket was closed and I was told to keep an eye on the above link/twitter.

  1. Double Forza Points - showing as fixed. As far as I can tell, I’m not getting double points?
  2. Weekly VIP Wheelspins - showing as fixed. As far as I’m aware, I’m not getting these all the time. When are they supposed to appear in the gifts section of the message centre? Last week, I got the message on a Thursday, this week I got the message on a Tuesday.
  3. Daily Wheelspins by owning one of the houses - open and investigated as per the above link. Sometimes I get the daily wheelspin. Other days I don’t. This is still being investigated but does it work for anyone else?
  4. Horizon Promo - I can’t see this on the above link. Some of the cars aren’t registering - one example is the Hot Wheels Monster Truck, does anyone else have this issue?
  5. Double VIP credits - showing as fixed. I’m not sure how I can tell I’m getting double VIP credits? I’m not getting the screen at race end that shows credits, I’m only seeing an XP screen. When I’m taken back to freeroam, I then see the credits earned pop up next to the car on the left hand side. How can I tell if they’re being doubled or not?
  6. I got a notification about a car being gifted but when I got to the barn find, there was nothing there? Does anyone else have this issue? I can’t see it as being a known issue in the above link?

I’ve already tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game, which in turn reset some of my control settings but thankfully, my progress was still kept.

Apart from the above, I absolutely love the game and can’t seem to put it down! Only really done all of the PR stunts and all expeditions/showcases.

Thanks for any help.

  1. Complete 1 round of Arcade if it shows 20 points u are getting double points (make sure the house is saying owned)
  2. Tuesday. Works fine here
  3. U have to drive in free roam and it shows sometimes message at bottom (needs some fix anyway)
  4. Yeah there is some problem with photomode it doesnt trigger always. Storys, Traffic Cars and so on (known issue)
  5. good question wait for next fix or there is no double money from vip or it is already shown no idea

uninstall/reinstall is waste of time u have to wait for fixes

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  1. I’m getting double Forza Points for the Forzathon store. So I think this is fine and working.
  2. Yep, I got mine on Tuesday. Haven’t fired up the game today to check to confirm.
  3. Yes, sometimes I get the daily wheelspin and sometimes I don’t. It’s random.
  4. I must be blind as I can’t see that on the known issues list.
  5. I think I’m getting double credits but without seeing a credits screen, it’s an assumption.

Is anyone else experiencing serious performance issues since the latest update? My game seems to hang when applying modifications and I get stuck in a saving/applying screen. I also seem to get stuck in a saving/applying screen when downloading liveries. My game seems extremely slow to load back into free roam after a race.

The whole game is just completely broken since the latest update. Kind of shocked to see something like this from T10/PG Games tbh!

  1. It’s a known issue but is not listed on the Known Issue list for whatever reason (at least, I can’t see it on there either)

Regarding the performance issues: You are not alone. The Update broke things big time. I can honestly say that FH5 is currently performing slower and worse on my Series X than FH4 did on my slow One X!


To me at least, it’s sad to see FH5 release in this state from T10/PGG. In my eyes they were a flagship developer, seems everything released in 2020/2021 so far is a complete bugfest.

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It is sad, yet not at all surprising. Microsoft these days is mediocre at best so any company owned by Microsoft is going to aim for those same dizzying heights of mediocrity…they have no incentive to make a proper, fully-functioning product when the parent company never bothers to do it either (unlike an independent developer who knows they could go bust with one bad game). This is why Microsoft buying Game Developers is possibly the worst thing to ever happen in the gaming industry

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Fair point bud but in my opinion it’s not solely related to MS. FC6 was a poor release, so was F1 2021, Fifa 21, NBA 2K21, GTA Definitive trilogy, CP2077, etc. In my eyes, devs are happy with the “release it and fix it later” approach.

Don’t get me wrong…was merely pointing to MS as the reason why PGG don’t feel the need to excel…you only need to look to 343 Industries and the woeful demo of Infinite released last year that prompted such a fan backlash that they delayed it nearly 18 months The whole gaming industry has changed for the worse the last couple of years be it lazy programming that results in massively bugged launches or just doing remasters of old games so that it needs minimal effort.

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Fully agree and fair points bud.

My game is now totally unplayable after today’s update, as it constantly crashes to the front end screen. Back to FH4 I guess - at least I’ll be rid of the never ending load screens & it’s more stable


Mine started doing it today and just got worse as the day went on. I also noticed that every Drivatar out there is the exact same car as mine in open world and when I went to the drag strip, they were still all the same car.

Had anyone seen the issue with the speedometer (interior) lights?
They are always on no matter if its day or night, sadly thats an issue that was in FM7 the first time and was totally ignored :rage:

Bracke Caliper fail
Nissan Silvia K’s 1994
Volkswagen Golf R 2014
maybe more, look at theyr stock brakes they are set wrong

Have sent a ticket too but more posts more chance to get a patch hopefully
Did this back in days at FM7 but there was no update… So maybe this time it came throu to the devs cause its PG not T10😜

Daily Wheelspins still broken.
Promo photos still not working for certain vehicles.

Honestly feel like giving up on this game, seems to get worse with each update.

Drive around in free roam. They pop here in 0-15min after start and driving around

There is no need to take pics of traffic/special tuned cars the list is wrong (and lists every defined car in game) not the promo mode

They don’t always pop. I’m not the only player experiencing this. In the last two weeks of playing, I’ve only received a daily wheelspin once.

I’m aware that traffic cars don’t count. Some of the cars I know I have taken pictures of aren’t showing as completed, some of the Showcase vehicles also do not show was completed. I’ve raised both of these with T10/PGG Support via tickets and they’re closed pretty quickly with the standard response of it’s being worked on.

Did a test from Thursday to Monday.

Thursday - No daily wheelspin.
Friday - Daily wheelspin.
Saturday - Daily wheelspin.
Sunday - No daily wheelspin.
Monday - Daily wheelspin.