VallentinoRossi Garage

Here are some of my Race Replicas. Not the best but good enough for me. All Design´s are available in the Store. If someone like it :wink:

Mercedes Benz 190 DTM Berlin 2000 Keke Rosberg

Mercedes Benz 190 DTM Sonax Klaus Ludwig

Ferrari F40 MonteShell

These look great :slight_smile: look forward to grabbing em.

Thanks Men :slight_smile:

BMW M3 DTM Fina Motor Oil

Fiat Abarth 131 Retro Rally Car

The Fiat looks great. I will pick it up later. Good work.

All of these are looking really quite nice mate, Keep up the good work, I really dig your style of paints. Nice work.

Great work here dude, they all look great

Really Nice replicas! Great logo work :slight_smile:


Mercedes Benz 190 Michael Schumacher Replika

Thanks for the Feedback Guys

Some New Toys in the Garage. I hope to find better templates :slight_smile:

RUF Yellowbird Retro Gulf Racing

Mini Challenge 2010 Replika " Cora Schumacher "

Ferrari GTO Gulf Racing

Some great replicas here mate any Rossi paints in the works???