V8 Swap All the Cars!

So lately I have been noticing that there are quite a few who eat live and breathe the V8 engine swap. Some, not all, will swap in the V8 on almost every car they have. I personally feel it destroys the variety which is offered in this game if you swap it into all of your cars. The occasional V8 swap isn’t a terrible thing, it is sometimes necessary.

So, the question for this post is…Do you swap the V8 often? Or do you try to keep the stock engine in most of your cars? And of coarse, why?

I personally do not like the V8 motor mainly because I live two miles away from Detroit Michigan where the V8 is born and about 90% of import or domestic cars have some sort of V8 in them, so I’ve been so saturated with them that I’ve grown annoyed by them. With that being said I think it’s an amazing swap that is equally or better than your traditional RB 2J SR motor (many will beg to differ but that’s just what I think) me personally in the game I do not have a single V8 swapped drift setup mainly because I think a stroked out RB26DETT with that insane turbo blowoff or an R26B four rotor swaped into an FD3S screaming at 10,000rpm while ripping around a corner sounds a thousand times better than an LSx or a 5.0 IMO. I think why most people use V8’s are because most FD drifters use some sort of V8 and they want to replicate that and also they’re very easy to drift, an LS1 in a 240sx with a bone stock setup can drift with ease without a tune or other upgrades

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V8s irl make sense.

V8s in a game get lazy.

I V8 swapped my 240, and any other car that would be weird with a V8 in it or has a crappy engine selection.

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Oh yeah no doubt irl they make tons of sense, cheap as hell millions of parts and they’re insanely strong and can take a beating, and that’s funny to because you’re right it is a little lazy to use on in game from like what I said it is very easy to build a drift car with one

I like that they have a ls1 swap for most cars. I just wish they had a 2j and sr20 for most cars

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I like that they have a ls1 swap for most cars. I just wish they had a 2j and sr20 for most cars

I like that they have a ls1 swap for most cars. I just wish they had a 2j and sr20 for most cars

I like that they have a ls1 swap for most cars. I just wish they had a 2j and sr20 for most cars

They just need more everything. More v8’s for the muscle and more rice for the tuners.

I don’t run V8s in any of my cars, they just aren’t my thing. I’ll stick to my flat sixes. (;

The straight 6’s do sound amazing

Agreed, I love 6cyl cars, In real life and in Forza

I LS swapped my 240, but that’s really the only japanese car I use to drift that has a V8 in it. They made the SR20 in this game stupid weak even fully upgraded, you can barely even get sideways in it, and the RB26 swap is decent, but it’s nowhere near as good as it was in Forza 4 imo. The V8 is the easiest to drift with in a 240, but generally for everything else I try to stay true to the manufacturer engine swaps :slight_smile:

All i have to say…
Also made it on the storefront.

The V8 seems to be the new thing cause it’s easy to make it into a drift car. But im not a fan of the V8 so I would rather try to make something else work instead of the V8. And it’s just become to common now days. I miss hearing the screaming quad rotor, the aggressive 2JZ, And the other engines. If I want a V8 I would go for a challenger or something like that.

Totally. I will do my best to make the original engine in a car work. If it completely fails though, I will try the RB first. If that still doesn’t feel right in the car, then i’ll resort to the V8.

It depends if I decide to build one I may use a V8 usually but no. I like V8’s more in muscle cars and some exotics with a sweet turbo or supercharger bolted on in the game. As for flat sixes I wish Forza 5 would bring more Porsche models including the 959, 993, Cayman, wide body 911’s, GT2’s and GT3’s where are they Turn 10?