V8 supercars on bathurst

I am looking to set up an endurance race specifically for v8 supercars on bathurst. Damage will be on, so pit stops will be mandatory. not sure to how many laps it will be, but if enough people want to race I will take suggestions as to how many we should run. … this will be clean racing, and anyone who purposely takes people out will be kicked immediatly from the lobby.

if you want to race please get back to me as soon as possible and i will set it up.

This seems interesting but how many laps exactly would it be because isnt there a max of 50 laps per race?

well we could go to 50 if thats what people want… I wanted a race that would have to have atleast 2 pit stops. and not so long people would get bored and quit… what are your suggestions?

You wouldn’t want 50 laps, that would take to long the race would be about 1hr 30mins or so, you need some sort of qualifying, which could take approx. 10 mins, then line up the grid as they do in f1, have 30 laps and say that you must pit twice as a mandatory thing, if you don’t pit twice you get a DQ, and you can only pit between laps 7 - 24.

this is a good idea. i was going to do a qualifying anyway. but as to the length of the race i will see what the majority of people say. and yes, pits will only open after a certain lap.

whats wrong with 90mins?

I Don’t think theres anything wrong with it personally, just have to feed the masses what they require i would say about 95% of the people who play this game aren’t that hardcore :smiley:

I would be very interested in this :slight_smile: add me STANGERVXR :smiley:

Interested. Any restrictions on assists?

nope, you can have what ever you want on.

I would also be interested in a bit of V8 racing, get me out of those C class lobbies and rivals challenges for a bit :smiley:

sweet. your in… might wanna practice a little haha… tame the strange.