V8 Ford Vs Holden League

Call over to the best Foza 4/5 league


Only a couple of spaces left :slight_smile:

How many laps, what track, and what are the restrictions?

Thers are 5 tracks through out the season which we race one track a week.
Laps depend on size of track, but averaging on around 10 -15 laps each race.
Restrictions - both cars are stock. No upgrades to make it more even racing.

Call over to www.forzaracing.org.uk for full rules and track selections for each week.

Is there anyroom left and i no there no upgrades but can u tune your car rollbars and what ever

Hi bud, there are a couple of slots left. Sorry but there is no upgrading at all m8.

Ok no worrys put my name down f there’s still room