User [Mod Edit - Duek - N/S] keeps going out of course during tag games?!?

Why and how is this possible? Myself and others just spent over 40 minutes trying to get this guy. He then did the same thing the following round but I quit.

I reported him to xbox but not sure if that even does anything. People doing this crap for “fun” or the money ruin it for others. Forza money isn’t real!!! Play the damn game cause it’s fun.

[Mod Edit - Duek - N/S]

Guy thinks it’s ok to continue doing… Even though I said I’m reporting him.

Naming and shaming is not permitted in these forums. You’ll need to edit your posts accordingly.

As for the individual in question, report and move on/change lobbies.

Now the kid keeps messaging me harassing messages… Reporting this kid over and over.

Report and block. It is that simple.

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Good advice here. Also “naming and shaming” isn’t allowed on our forums, even if someone is being a royal pain. Report, block and move on.

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