Useless update, worse than before

Convoys are still broken and are in fact worse now cant even see the other player(s) opposed to them popping in and out like before during convoy, keeps disconnecting and saying convoy leader has left when it didnt before. Still long online waiting times and disconnects and errors. The game itself takes longer to load now between changing cars or doing races and the game has crashed 3 or 4 times now when it didn’t before the update. Xbox Series X.

Homestly terrible management of this iteration of Horizon. Clearly rushed out for Holiday season and not polished like older Horizon titles. Something as simple as trying to cruise and race with a friend is so tedious and near impossible which it absolutely shouldn’t be in 2021. Should be swift and simple process. Not something which takes you so long back forth that you eventually give up.


Yes, without a doubt the convoy problem is worse than before.
I used to form convoy with my friends and play with them after this fix. But we played for 6 hours and never once during that time did we see all the members of the convoy in free roam.
I’ve tried everything I can think of: re-forming convoy, re-entering the session, restarting the game. But things didn’t improve at all. It was almost impossible for me, or any other member of the group, to see any other convoy member.
Instead, a large number of other players who have nothing to do with convoy continue to show up. …Why?

And this problem creates another problem that is even more troublesome.
For players who cannot see the other convoy members, they do not exist. In other words, bumping into them will have no effect on him.
But for players who have visibility of the other members, they will be affected by contact with them.
In other words, Player A cannot see Player B, but Player B can see Player A, and being hit by his car will affect him one way or the other.
In the end, we gave up on playing freeroam and disbanded after playing only Race and Playground.

A fix that doesn’t improve things and makes them worse is not a fix.
It is true that we, the community, asked for a quick patch release, and in that sense, we are partly responsible for this problem.
However, please stop releasing fix updates like this that have not been tested at all.

I don’t make use of convoys, so this doesn’t affect the way I play the game.

However, the update did greatly improve areas that I do play, especially the Arcade, so I am very happy with the patch.,


Same here, not a convoy-user.
Yet this afternoon I made 6 hrs use of Arcade usage and got my Forzathon pts total up to 3636.
Although this evening the Arcades had disappeared completely from the main map. The bugs are back !

Yup, it’s a complete joke. I’m losing faith that they even CAN make it work at this point.

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