Use cars purchased in Forza 5


Prior to purchasing Forza 6 I had a video chat with an XBox support person asking if Forza 5 progress caried over to Forza 6. He told me he knew cars in my Forza 5 garage would be available for use in Forza 6. He said he knew it would work if I had a ‘Forza’ account and not just an XBox account. He wasn’t sure if they would be available to me in Forza 6 if I only had them saved locally to my personal XBox, but encouraged me to try. If Forza 6 didn’t “see” my local Forza 5 cars, he suggested I simply create a Forza account and was confident they would then carry over once Forza’s servers synced from my Forza 5 game and then back down to Forza 6.

So I purchased Forza 6 based on that information.

And of course I do not currently see any of my Forza 5 cars. This was somewhat expected.

I went to ‘’ and found a ‘sign in’ link which I expected to take me to a ‘sign in or register’ type display. Instead, it immediately signed me in using my XBox gamer tag. So I’m not certain this is the the ‘Forza account’ that was mentioned yesterday, or if I’m still in XBox land and not actually in Forza land yet.

But you know my question…

I have not yet found anything in Forza 5 to ‘upload’ my cars to a Forza server, or anything in Forza 6 to download them or anything to walk me through steps necessary to get those cars to carry from Forza 5 to Forza 6. But the guy I had the video chat with yesterday spoke pretty confidently.

Can anyone describe how to get Forza 6 to see the cars I had and had tuned in Forza 5?


Sorry, but this is just plain 100% incorrect.

You can import your liveries, vinyl groups, and tunes from 5 to 6, but the cars that you ‘own’ in your garage do not carry over. XBox support gave you bad information.