Urgent Attention Turn 10 Forza 5 unable to play. Period

hey guys long time forza player first time on forums as never had any issues.

Forza 5:
my game is going thru intro and when I press a it says load failed and unexpected error occured please try again later.

this was a week ago now and after 2 separate days on the phone to xbox theyre telling me to wait for an email in next 10 buisness days from an escelated support member.not even bothered about my garage its the fact I cant play the only game I love playing everyday im begging turn 10 and forza community can anyone help with this issue

ive deleted and reinstalled online and offline… friends profile loads the game and my gamertag gets the load failed

just want to play again any help would be great

Hmmmm, possibly a corrupt profile or save from the looks of it. I’m no expert on either. Let me do a little research, and if nobody beats me to it, I may have something for you.


Found an old legacy thread that while it isn’t the same exact issue, the solution may still be relevant. Unfortunately, it involves pretty much starting the game over. Here’s the link so that you can read up on it, but given that it basically means resetting everything, I personally would wait for other advice before taking this step myself.



Thanks for the reply and ill be taking that advice… it is now an option but ill just wait to hear from support see what they reckon. thanks for your help

bought tokens and am a LE owner dont want to loose my garage… sad days ahead