Upload or create our own music playists for the radio?

If memory serves me well, I’m sure that in FH3, groove music was implemented as a radio station. Wouldn’t it be nice to see this feature or something similar make its way into the new FH5 game. Although the horizon radio stations are good, especially when beginning a game and the DJ’s have things to say linking to the story, over time it does become repetitive.
Is it possible?


I really hope so. Spotify is the perfect choice, although you’ll have to pay extra to link your Premium account to the game. It’s essential for Forza Horizon 5.

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Will there be an option to make a custom radio for yourself?
This is a feature I’ve thought about while playing Forza Horizon 4. Sure, you can always turn off the radio and play your tracks straight from another source, but wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to turn the off music by yourself while in a cutscene? Or have announcements made about the festival while you’re listening to your own playlist?
The thing is, it would be great if both PC and console players had the option to make their own custom playlists, for which I propose a solution. Would it be possible to make some sort of playlist, to which local files AND, say, SoundCloud or Spotify tracks could be imported? This way, someone playing from a console will also have to ability to make their own driving playlist.
I’m not sure about the legal aspect of importing tracks like this, but, if possible, I’m sure that this “custom radio” will be a feature that most will appreciate.

They had in FH3 with Groove Music App, which you could upload your music files to One Drive and listen your songs through in game radio associated with Groove, but the app demonstrate serveral issues in-game and outside with the sync, and then they discontinued this option and didn’t appeared in FH4.

I don’t know what exact sync you are talking about, but, if we are talking about the points at which the tracks should start, this would be really easy to implement.

As far as I understand, tracks (at least in FH4) have their own “drop” point (with which the race starts OR the radio announcer stops speaking) and their own “looping section” (like with the “Auckland Sunrise” track in races, which loops on the intense section). In order to set these kinds of areas, we can either use some sort of AI or just make the player do it manually. I will describe the manual method - at least, how I envision it.

When adding a track to the playlist, the player should enter the BPM of the track (and/or there should be a BPM analyzer built into the game), and then choose where the “drop” and the “looping section” of the track should be. The BPM is entered so that the drop point and the closing point of the loop could be chosen perfectly by millisecond without wasting too much effort. This way, if we are talking about the music syncing TO THE GAME, there should be no problems at all.
And, if a track doesn’t have constant BPM, then the option to set the time manually should be left.

If we are talking about the network kind of sync (like files not being able to download in time), then the files should simply be preloaded on the console or PC, so that there is no need to contact the server. The only thing needed would be some kind of manual and/or automatic check to see whether any files have been added to the OneDrive disk or not.

Not BPM sync, I said sync as synchronization of the files, sometimes I uploaded but in game the app won’t find the files and needed to do all the upload process again (delete from onedrive. delete playlist, re upload, go to Groove Music in PC, create the playlist of those songs that are in OneDrive), usually at second time it sync.

There is no music sync in the game. If you wanted to add a track to a presenter you would only need to know that the track has ended, which would be built in to the engine already. It would be a program with talking Wav, then music wav browser.

Isn’t there?

If you take a listen to Auckland Sunrise, you’ll notice that it has a long section before the drop at 1:06, and this is where the track starts if you listen to it through Hospital Records radio, be that outside of a race or in one. Also, specifically while racing, the section from 1:06 to 3:18 is looped, so that during the race the track doesn’t change and the intense section is always playing.

If that isn’t music sync, then what is it?

The programmers probably just chopped the songs up, and stuck them together again to make them longer. But you wouldn’t add Ai to figure out the BPM, you’d just do what I said. My idea is 10 minutes work, and Ai is probably a weeks work.

I’m going to address two things here.

Well, I don’t think that’s the case. Depending on how long the radio presenter speaks, the buildup to the same “Auckland Sunrise” drop will either be longer or shorter. Plus, the segment after 3:18 is played on the radio when not in a race.
And I don’t think they “stuck them together again”, they just looped them. There wouldn’t be a point in creating unnecessarily huge music files that would reach a length of up to an hour and take up a lot of space when you could just repeat the same thing. Although maybe I just didn’t understand what you said there.

What do you mean by “your idea”?
I mean, you said this:

But I still don’t understand what you meant to say there.

A bit about the AI - I was envisioning it as a method to set the main “drop” point and the “looping section”. It is not necessary.
And you don’t need an AI to make a BPM analyzer. It is based on looking for impulses - short, impactful sounds.

Also, while I’m here, you mentioned that

And that has given me an idea…

Would there be an option to make a custom radio using both user-uploaded music AND music from radios? Or at least the latter?
When I play FH4, I usually listen to Hospital Records radio, but it would be amazing if I could throw in some songs from, say, Bass Arena or Horizon Pulse.

They probably did just loop them, start point, endpoint.

The radio presenter speech then a song.

I don’t know why you would want to do that.

Of course you could do that. Playground Games aren’t going to do things that the public ask for.

oh, there already was a question in here like this. Created a new thread without even knowing it. lol.
bump I guess

In the last let’s go steam, Mike Brown was asked point blank about custom playlists and possible integration of music streaming platforms like Spotify. He said no, but specified “at launch”. He answered in a way that seemed that they wanted to add it post launch, but didn’t want to say that they wanted to add it in case it didn’t pan out.

So the possibility is on the table, just don’t get your hopes up.

Please please please bring back custom playlists in games, specifically Forza. I really don’t see a reason why it wouldn’t be a feature, as it’s been done before. I really miss being able to listen to what ever songs are on my device during the game.

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I would love a custom playlist but I do not see it happening sadly. Wasn’t the feature axed because Groove Music OneDrive streaming is no longer? I could be wrong but I assumed that was why the feature never returned.

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A custom playlist using FH5 music is still a custom playlist.

I still remember the days of being able to select your own music when playing Gran turismo on the PS3, providing the music was actually on the PS3 of course…given that was over 10 years ago, you’d think it would be no problem these days even with syncing to an online service

Yeah. I wanted a Spanish-only radio station in H5, without any English.

I loved the groove music radio station with how you could use your own music and the game would still mix it into the overall audio too. Now that groove music is no longer a thing, I would love for this feature to make a comeback. Now that a basic filesystem is available on xbox, this could make for an easy time organizing a certain playlist that could be read by the game? Spotify is an alternative, but I miss hearing my music being blared through the festival speakers and other cool effects.

I know you can just mute all the in-game music. I know that. But I want to hear my own music playing with reverb at the races. I want to hear it cut out smoothly with the games loading sequences. I want to hear it muffle as I zip into a tunnel at 280mph. Why? I don’t know. It seems pretty low priority given the current workload (if anyone from playground is reading this I think you’ve done a bang-up job with this game, lovely game you’ve made). You’d simply upload a file or 2 and bing bang boom it detects all the songs and shuffles em or somethin. It’d be just another way to make the game your own.