Upload a gamertag picture....did you know that

…it haz to be 1080 by 1080 pixel and or you can save it az a .png file…

the cool thing about a png file iz you can save a tranzparent file…

so when you see image below it background same color…that there iz no background to it…it just color blocks…just like a sky behind it you will see the sky and just the color block…

when you go to a versus in fh4 that show you your car your name and your tag…it will show the same tranzparent…so let us say you want a white color skull but no background…the skull iz the only image you will see above your name…


you can uze pixlr uze the older editor at the bottom to make save and or edit a png transparency photograph



I can’t use custom pictures. When I go to xbox console companion beta and try it, it gives me the same “Sorry, we can’t upload your picture right now. Try again in a little while.” error that has been happening since the pandemic began. Even though they said we are allowed to use custom images again since a week ago, it doesn’t seem to be the case at least for me.

Am I doing something wrong? I tried with both jpeg and png, on 1080 x 1080 or any other size, on the pc app or on phone.


that’s from march
since then it has been fixed earlier this month
yet some people (me included) still can’t upload custom pics, and microsoft isn’t doing anything about it

not sure what any of that iz

i uze a xbox digital my chrome laptop samsung and a usb drive

i don’t have an xbox

you have it on pc

Which one are you talking about? These are the only Xbox related programs on my PC and the option to pick a custom picture only appears on Console Companion.

Can you tell me the steps on how you change it?

to see what i mean az topic there are arcade machines that are like that in your profile to select…

who iz the black character middle row…far left


i got it cut out now it just the guy no grey background