Upgrading your Cams

Can anyone tell me if they can really hear a difference when you upgrade your cams within the exhaust note? This is one area I wish Turn 10 got right… wether its a muscle car or even exotic, when I upgrade the cams you should hear a difference in its exhaust and when its at idle?

While talking about exhaust notes… some cars are completely wrong… for instance the McLaren P1 uses a V8 twin turbo… when at idle it should almost sound like a muscle car… and at speed it sounds more like a screaming Vette… you can you tube it hear… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1t1L5ShVR8w

Anyways… just curious if anyone else notices this. Its not a huge deal… but you would think they would do a little more work when modding your car and you upgrade your Cams.

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