This update messed up my online it finds a server and after 3 minutes logs off then finding session .finds a session logs in tjen shortly kicks me off gives message

Same Issues here + It starts stuttering while looking for Sessions. If i go to Singleplayer there is everything fine, so no stuttering.

Same. When I can get into a multiplayer game (PGG or The Trial), Ixve been getting kicked out. Especially frustrating on PGG since I’m nit a fan. Sunday I had great teammates and we were dominating, the other team, to their credit, would not quit. However, during the third match, I was kicked off. I’ve also been getting a lot of “CANNOT CONNECT TO fill in the blank SERVER”.

PC user - Not one issue with the new update.

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Quick Update, i just re-installed the Game. But before i did some Driver Updates for my Intel Chipset and GPU.

Seems like this solved my Problem.

At least the Servers are stable too, i don’t know it was in fact related to a Server Problem but yea…