New 1 Gig update out?

Anyone knows what it changes?

The only thing I know is that thanks to the patch, a car from the auction house is duplicated in my garage. :smiley: Unfortunately the car isn’t that expensive, it would be cool if I knew beforehand about upcomming updates. :wink:

Go to the news tab on here. Updates are announced there.

Also posted in the Support forums:

I can’t race since the update. I went from locked 60 FPS to 10-15 in the rain.

Update: After a few crashes and system reboots, it works!

Is this update for PC only?

Hmm, 1 gig update without patch notes??

Freaking strange… So do i assume this has GTDF steering wheel support or just buy Battlefield 1 as it comes out tonight and skip this purchase…

Someone update and let me know!

i never see the news about update today

Its only for PC

Ah, okay, that makes sense.

I don’t really see anything major. Seems pretty stable though.