Update not working...

I was trying to play Forza 5 just now and it keeps saying there is an update, but then instantly jumps to a screen saying there is an error downloading the update. Anybody have any ideas or experiencing the same problem. This is very frustrating.

Completely shut down your console by holding the Xbox One’s power button (not the controller) until it shuts down. Reboot and retry.

tried that, didnt work

Unfortunately, there isn’t much else to try, apart from uninstalling and reinstating the game.

will i lose my progress and my cars if I uninstall?

No. Be sure to follow these steps to remove Forza Motorsport 5 - not it’s associated content.

As long as you follow step by step what shadow has posted you wont lose anything. I wish you good luck on getting everything reinstalled correctly

If you have trouble receiving an update (any update) through Xbox LIVE, contact Xbox Support. They get paid to solve these types of issues, and it is their delivery system via on Xbox One.