[UPDATE] EU & JP Car Number Plate - Vinyl

I made a vinyl of EU(GB) & JP Car Number Plate.
in addition, i made the font of the JP number.

Car : DBS
Use Effect : Natural

Seach words : eu (or gb) number plate, jp number plate

Enjoy Forza Life !!

I made VINYL of the font of the EU number plate.
It does not need the change, and each vinal can use size to the EU number plate which I made.
(some cars need resize.)

I perform the upload in the midnight of the Japan time.

Enjoy Forza 5 !!

Italia Number Plate & Font - Vinyls

Car : Ferrari 458 (Speciale : my design)
Area of the Number Plate : MO (Modena - Ferrari S.p.A)
Use Effect : Natural

Car : Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4
Area of the Number Plate : BO (Bologna - Lamborghini)
Use Effect : Natural

Search words : italia number plate , ita~ font

Enjoy Forza Life !!