Update and Silvia problems

The silvia forzathon came out on the 14th right? I did the Trueno drift challenge on the 13th and I got the achievement and no car. I also did the 100k skills on the 14th and got the XP. I don’t know if its a glitch but if it was i don’t really care because i don’t like the silvia too much, but I don’t want it to happen later on for the Warthog and others. Also the update came up for me to update on the 15th instead of the 14th for me. Not much of a problem, just wondering if that is normal.

If you didn’t do the 35k while the ForzaThon event was active, you won’t get the car.

If it helps I just got mine so perhaps its delayed but yea if you didn’t do it on the 14 or that small window b4 then you wont get it so I hope its delayed for you as well

Ok thanks