Update 25.2.2019

Any changelog? Cca 277MB update…


I would actually love to know what was changed and removed rather than a simple sentence with no information.

The whole point of a change log is to list ALL the changes!


standing ovation for this latest update \o/

•With this update, we have made minor edits to three Horizon playlist songs and removed five album covers.
•Fix for crash when selecting Showcase Rivals from the Pause Menu when on Fortune Island.

that should put a rest to all those moaners.

Next week; more buttons added to herringbone jacket and doc martens to come with a choice of lace colours


I’m willing to bet that this was not done on the spur of the moment to annoy us, but for some undisclosed yet unavoidable legal/licensing issues.


They might’ve gotten complaints about the songs/covers. I can kinda see why The Evil Has Landed’s album cover was removed.

Oh, finally! I was THIS close to petitioning my local MP if they didn’t hurry up and implement this. I NEED Day Glo Orange laces…

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Maybe, just maybe, people would like to know which songs were affected by the update. But I agree, it sounds completely ridiculous. People in this forum are so entitled. How dare they demand the developers to give them a bit more information?! These “moaners” should be banned!

Now I’m going to be disappointed that I can’t get florescent boot laces and a jacket like Darius from NFS Carbon.

Update failed and now my game is re installing. Oh the joy i hope my save game isn’t gone?

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It should be okay. I had an os update failure forcing a complete wipe and reinstall of OS and all subsent programs, including forza. Start up, and log in. It synced up my save from cloud. If it seems to freeze or take a moment, just let it go while it does its thing.

Thanks man i hope so,the 20gb update is taking ages

Yikes only 20gb? I’m on Xbox One X and I think I’m alone on this one but my update failed now I’m sitting here looking at a 66GB update. Basically redownloading everything :\

Anyone know which album covers were removed in addition to QOTSA ? Just annoys me that you can’t know which ones are gone ahah

  • “Clap Your Hands (feat. Ava Max)” - Le Youth [Horizon Pulse]
  • “TopBrazil (Benny Benassi vs. Constantin & MazZz Dub Mix)” - Fischerspooner [Horizon Bass Arena]
  • “I” - Kendrick Lamar [Horizon Block Party]
  • “Award Tour” - A Tribe Called Quest [Horizon Block Party]
  • “The Evil Has Landed” - Queens of the Stone Age [Horizon XS]

I’ve checked cover arts for these and I get why they were removed. One thing I don’t understand is if devs knew about the rating that will be assigned to the game, how did they miss this deez legs, pecs and terminated president (?). Oh well, you can’t avoid mistakes sometimes, I guess…

Only difference I noticed was a noticeable frame rate drop on one of my consoles.

Properly restart your console from the console settings screen

I can only hope a future update removes all music.

My love of this game is greatly diminished by the godawful Doncha Doncha Doncha I am bombarded with multiple times every race


Well said :+1:. Surely it can’t be that difficult to add an off button :face_with_raised_eyebrow: