*UPDATE* 03/06/22 Li'l Piece of Japan Touge Day/Night/Rain

Hello Everyone, i bring you another creation, this time a touge. This fictional touge has 5 diffrent versions, can go foward/reverse and its just lots of fun. Enjoy.

Update: Special version: Day added.
Note: Special Version: Day has a extra section added not ment to be part of the touge, it is ment to complete a circuit in order for making it 10 minute sessions and no body turns into a ghost going in reverse, it also has 1 slow ai car that usually takes more than 10 mintues to complete the circuit there for allowing you to keep going up and down few times, nonstop will get you about 3 runs down and 2 and half up, even if the ai crosses the line, it will not finish the race until the timer runs out. I will update this post again with all the other versions like rain and fog with the special version treatment.

Eventlab Codes:

Day/Rain 852-774-590
Night/Clear 181-591-851

Keep drifting fun!

Update: Special Version: Fay added.