UNSC Noble Team - Need some advice [UPDATED 10.14.15]

I started working on my first design on Forza 6. I wanted something to go on my drift car that was specifically made for me. I loved Halo Reach and Noble Team, so I made the logo and just starting working around that.

I’m not too good with making designs, especially race designs so if anyone has any advice that would be very helpful. Thanks!

Also I do plan on reducing color and making it dark grey instead of that pure black when I get home.

Just look at real cars I suppose and base colors and layouts of them at first, that is until you start to develop a more refined sense of what works and what doesn’t. This seems to be more of a fantasy design per se so I think personally it looks fine as is. You might want to carry on with the teal glow though. Incorporate that into other areas on the car and you’ll be golden. One last word for race paints is that you should work on making logos but that doesn’t seem to be a problem here. Hope this helps and it’s looking good so far. Keep it up.

Thank you! My main problem with these designs has always been the layout. I can’t ever seem to get it to look right. I have maybe 2 designs from other Forza games that I think were good. I’ll look at some more real life designs and I definitely agree with you about the teal glow. I think I have a few ideas of how to add more of that in. Also, I’ve actually made a few smaller logos before on Horizon 2. I’ll post a picture here in a minute.

Edit: Here is one design I made that I liked. The Buddy Club, Exedy, and Oklahoma stickers were all made by me. The Exedy one is hard to see, right next to Brembo.

Got a bit more done to it and changed quite a bit. Still far from finished with it though.

The Mustang looks nice but being focused on FM6 I have to say that the 350Z is looking really cool. I’m loving the color scheme and everything just looks right. Very futuristic!

Thank you! Glad you think it is looking alright. I’ll get some pictures in here when it is finished!