Unrivaled Achevement

Hello All.

The Unrivalled achievement tracker is not going up to unlock the achievement with the right settings for the achievement. Is this going to be sorted? Thank you in advance.

Make sure you have ALL assists off
Including braking line
And especially friction assist

I had no issues for this achievement with multiple accounts over different time frames as well

Not working for me either. I beat one rival months and months ago just to see what the achievement was about and got 10% progress. Went back yesterday to do nine more and got no movement at all. I even did ten full laps (beating a rival each time) just to make sure it wasn’t just the progress that wasn’t tracking. Trueachievements.com makes it sound like this problem goes away and comes back with some regularity.

Unrivalled is not working for me either.

I’ve made sure all assists were off and even tried ghosts off and HUD off as per some recommendations.

After Spending an hour, I gave up.

Moonlighting progress has also frozen so cannot get this one either.

Very disappointed!

A friend and I were doing the multiplayer achievements last week. I was on PC and he was on XB1. I got the nightvision achievement, he didn’t. His tracking was stuck at 0%. We then thought there was a delay in it popping so we swapped to getting Rain Dancer. We did 10 laps in the rain with me on PC and him on XB1. My achievement tracked, his did not. I swapped to XB1 and did 10 more laps. My tracking was no longer updating. We swapped to make him the party leader, again, no tracking.

Devoted Racer is also not updating. Appears the achievements are bugged and no longer tracking from the XB1, which is a shame considering the last patch for FM7 was a few weeks ago. Hopefully they mean content patch and not bug patch.

For some reason it will only count for the host
Let him host and see if counts for him

“We swapped to make him the party leader, again, no tracking.”
Sorry I meant host. In my support ticket (#48884) I called it a roster leader. Host sounds like the correct word I was looking for.

im looking at ticket 48884.

Thank you,