Unranked Playground Games

Well I played for the first time tonight and I am extremely disappointed. It totally sucks is an understatement. I have played the seasonal ones without any issues but the unranked ones are garbage. I’m not even going to bother with the ranked ones. I’m really trying to get into the ranked racing but it is completely under-moderated and favors the cheaters and dirty players. It isn’t fun most of the time. I have won quite a few times in the ranked team and free for all, so I’m not completely ignorant about this. However, it is clear that a whole lot of cheating is going on and that ruins it for the vast majority of us who play fairly. I can’t be the first person to bring this up, so the question is WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT so that the responsible players can enjoy the game? I really want to play this and I do even though it sucks most of the time, but I really really want to enjoy it, not just hope I’m going to enjoy it every time I give in and give it one more shot.

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