Unlocking street races

Forgive me if this has already been brought up but ive done all the showcase events and still not come across the street races, how and where do i get these?
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Challenge some drivatars on the road to Head-to-Head races, that should trigger the street races which unlock the Midnight Battles.

Also make sure you’ve expanded your festival sites if you have the fans available to do so.


This is correct. You need 50 or more total Head-to-Head wins to unlock all the Street Races, and after you’ve won all the Street Races, you can do all 4 Midnight Battles. Winning the Midnight Battles is usually so easy, it’s sad. But you might find winning the Street Races a bit challenging – they become Team Races in online Co-Op though, and you can even turn collisions off. Doing them with a buddy or three in online Co-Op is MUCH easier.

However, “boosting” the Head-to-Head races with a friend online is not time-effective. If you’re in a rush to get the M3, Regal, RX-7, or the Murcielago, it’s simplest to spend an hour or so just challenging drivatars in your solo game to races, get to 50, then jump into a Co-Op Campaign with a friend (or more) and then power through all of the Street Races and Midnight Battles.

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