Unlocking my vinyl groups for others?


I just got back into racing games after years of only truck sims. I especially love the livery creation aspect and have spent almost more time painting my cars than racing. I have also created several vinyl groups I would like to share. Is there a way to unlock my designs so that anyone would be able to freely use them on their liveries and still share them? I think if it is not possible it should be if you so choose.

P.S. This might have been asked many times by the search on mobile is not the best.

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Nope. All shared vinyls and designs are locked and cannot be unlocked. They can be used by others, but not shared again.

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That is a sad thing. I have always been for open source and sharing your work with community. I don’t see why not since in this case no-one is making any money anyways. I hope they add a possibility to unlock your vinyl groups if you want in the future.

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Sadly I don’t think that’s going to happen as I feel most painters are against open-sourcing.

All you can really do is share the Vinyl Groups and tell people to trace them (that’s what I do).

The only way I could think of truly giving people free range of your designs would be to go through every single layer, and give the Size, Rotation, Position, and skew of them. Then if someone really wanted to “copy” them, they could put in the effort. The problem then arises, you’d have to record all of that yourself, and then publish it, I guess a good way around that would be to record making them on video, and then publish that.

If you take the video/streaming route, the easiest way would be streaming to Twitch, and then posting that to YouTube.

Tons of different ways to do this.

While technically this would work … I can’t imagine anyone having the time or patience to even try this. IIRC, there are 10 different data points per shape that would need to be set. Add to that the fact that you have to go through several menu steps to even select a single shape and because you can’t just enter the values … you have to use a series of thumbpad presses or thumbstick movements to even get to the values … then you’re talking about maybe 40-50 button presses or thumbstick movements to color, shape and position each individual layer. Using this method to re-create even the simplest of logos or vinyls is going to take thousands of controller entries and very likely hours to complete.

This makes me think of something, tho…

Would it be possible to record and then run a macro of those controller inputs on PC?

It would be nice to have the option so proper collabs could be a thing again with fellow painters you can trust but as on old gen FM’s you know someone would suss a way to hack it & ruin it for everyone.

Hey although I don’t like taking ppls designs bc I love to show what I can do and share it but when I’m on just one logo or decal or replica car and someone has made it perfect but can’t use it nor know any of the ways they made each shape perfect bc I’m stuck on the mfp circle logo with Yello star and wings rn from mad Max car someone has it perfect I checked online matched it with real logo and I can’t find the shapes or masks that would even make the wings or the shield and even the tint of the yellow on one side is perfect but I wanna make it myself but ik that the liveries on the game do not have the exact shapes I need so I’ll have to make them with shapes and Doo hickeys etc but would be nice for some help I wouldn’t mind creating the whole thing by myself as long as we had like another user said not copy paste share but almost the video game version of tracing or even the really good at drawing kids back in my school days who could look at picture and redraw it line for line and even if I could do that in this would be nice

I have tons of vinyls I’d like to share open source way. I don’t understand why we get limited. For the selfish ones there could be an option to lock it. Then even the cry babies would be happy. Anyway, since no more development will ever happen for FM7, what we have is what we’re stuck with.

How does one share a livery for a vehicle once it’s done? I have a few I would like to share. Thanks