Unlocked perks help

I’ve unlocked all the perks but in my progress is saying 24 out of 25 unlocked, could someone help, it’s messing with my brain! Have pictures if needed?

Do you have a perk without a yellow background?

It means you’ve unlocked it but you still have to purchase it with your skill points, white backgrounds indicate unlocked/Not purchased; Yellow means unlocked/purchased, hope this helps :slight_smile:

They’re all yellow, I have 0 available skill points, I’m level 312 but my stats only show 24/25

Did you try a hard restart? I would try that first and take it from there.

I got all of my skill points and perks during that 2 day achievement shutdown, so will a hard reboot for me get me the achievement?

I think it’s a very good possibility that it will fix it for you. It can’t hurt to try it. I know it has fixed issues for me on FM5 and on FH2. Just make sure you quit the game first from the xbox main menu, then do the hard restart. The achievement might not come right up when you start the game, but just start driving around and it should pop.

I’m level 300+ so I’ve hard reset my Xbox a lot since I unlocked all the perks and it’s not sorted anything, it’s not that big of a deal it’s just annoying seeing 24/25 when really it should be 25/25 haha