Unlock the additional Homespaces?

Does this happen with leveling up? Mod packs?

There are only two homespaces and both should be available to every player at the start.

Hopefully this gets expanded in the future with updates. It seems like they left room for expansion.


It really does seem like that, doesn’t it? Hopefully they’ll have some more spectacular locations available soon!


A home space that actually has good lighting would be amazing.



The lighting in both is awful for taking pictures.

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They should add garages like on pgr where you can walk around your cars and use autovista

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Like Leno’s Garage or Sadam’s bunker garage like in 3 Kings

And a Geometry Wars arcade machine!

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Wish list thread locked.

Good old Turn 10. “We have multiple homespaces this time!” Yeah, two. \o/

No biggie though, there are way higher priorities for the series than a ForzaVista backdrop.