Unlock Designs?

I bought a car from the Auction House and it has an awesome livery on it. I want to change the color but it tells me if I proceed, it will remove their artwork. Is there a way around this? The overall design is awesome and I can live with the color it is. I’m just curious if it’s possible.


From what I know it’s not possible to change anything on a downloaded user livery. It’s probably like this to prevent stealing someone’s work and put it up as your own.

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Anything you grab on the Auction House or someone’s Storefront is locked by the game engine.

Yeah, that makes sense. I have no intention to steal a design. I just wanted to change the car’s color. Thanks guys for the responses :slight_smile:

if you know who painted it, maybe you can get them to do another with the color you want (that’s the sort of thing I’d be glad to do with one of mine if someone asked).

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I didn’t think about that. When I get on later, I’ll see if I can figure out who the original artist was and ask them. I don’t know if I can since I bought it a week or so ago, but I’ll do some looking around. Thanks :slight_smile: