Unlimited Offroad & Unlimited Buggies?

Unlimited Offroad & Unlimited Buggies?

What exactly is “Unlimited” about these two categories?

In FH4 we had “Extreme Offroad”, which kinda made sense, but having “Unlimited” as part of the car type title doesn’t make any sense to me personally.

I could understand “Ultimate Offroad” and “Ultimate Buggies” as this makes those vehicle sound like they are better than the standard variant, but “Unlimited” makes no sense.

Saying that, with the amount of bugs in the game, maybe “Unlimited” was a typo early on in development and maybe should have been “Ultimate”, but the devs ran with it as it was too late to change?

…or has someone got a proven, logical explanation as to why these two categories are “Unlimited”?

Odd thing is that the old FH4 “Extreme Offroad” icon is displayed for “Unlimiited Offroad” under “Car Themes” when creating “Event Lab” stuff, but “Unlimited Buggies” has a new icon.

I would expect it to mean off-road vehicles or buggies that don’t fall within the limits of other off-road/buggies categories. However, it’s hard to say for sure without knowing how the other categories are defined… if they even have strict definitions.

Vehicles such as the Brocky compete in the Unlimited Class in Ultra4 / King of the Hammers. SCORE desert racing has various entry classes for its events, including unlimited: SCORE International - Wikipedia


I do find it kind of hilarious that they added this new restriction in, but when you go to pick a restriction when setting up a race blueprint, it says extreme offroad with the old graphic and everything.