Unicorn cars?

Are unicorn cars still in the game?

Yes… No offense but are you living under a rock? :wink:

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Yea I am not played since forza 4 so no offence taking

So welcome back mr. Fred Flintstone, sorry, Dark Limits.

So how many unicorn cars in game then? How many u got? I hate unicorn cars haha

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I would consider Dom’s Charger a unicorn as well. Impossible to get at the moment and it was only available in a handful of countries to begin with.


My definition of a unicorn car is any unique car (So not just a livery) that can only be gained for a limited time. Ex. the Pringles MX-5 and Nutrigrain Ford GT are not unicorn cars, they are promotional cars, but the Charger and the other cars mentioned are all unicorns. I also consider the F and F cars to not be unicorns even though that was a time limited thing because they came in a DLC.

Errr as fas as I know the F&F cars are just DLC. People can still buy them right?

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Dom’s charger (the one with the super charger) can only be obtained if you buy the last F&F movie but that promotion is over now.

If I’m not mistaking that’s the only way to get that car.

This is correct. This version of Dom’s Charger is modeled after the one from the very first movie. The one in the DLC pack is a completely different car with a lift and oversized off road tires among other “upgrades”. Because of this, I’m unable to recreate the final race scene from the first movie. Oh well, maybe I will be able to in Forza 7…

You all crack me up, way too funny!

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Ha ha add my user name on Xbox and I’ll race you in s class and see who Fred flinstone is!!!

S class or p class as only just started and only got cars tuned there at min haha

Did you upgrade to a larger hole in the floor so that you can take longer strides?

I have to say this is one of the best posts I have read in a long time! Awesome

Also, where are the custom lobbies?

I’ve been searching for this new manufacturer “Unicorn” but it’s not visible in my game.
Not happy at all :wink:

Might go back to playing with my Spectrum ZX81…

Private only, no Custom Public Lobbies.

Ah! The good old 81. Only 16 car grids though in case each player wants a different color. I wonder how big a cassette tape you’d need to get FM6 on it :slight_smile: