Unicorn cars

Turn 10 i wont to ask you to give me 5 unicorn cars : 2007 Lambo Murciélago LP640 , 2004 Top Secret Silvia D1-Spec S15 , 2002 Top Secret 0-300 Supra , 2006 HKS Time Attack Evolution CT230R and the 2006 Subaru Impreza S204 i am in the vip membership but doesn´t becoume the unicorn cars and that unicorns i am realy wont please

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See the top thread in this forum for opportunities to earn unicorns.

Also I can’t get these unicorns ?

T10 doesn’t just give you a unicorn for asking on the forums. They do make it pretty easy to get them though. All you have to do is follow Manteo’s link “Current Unicorn Opportunities” and post comments in the threads he mentions (Rear View Mirror, Week In Review, and Heavy Metal Affliction) with your Gamertag and Unicorn of choice. By doing this you can get at least one a week normally. I have collected all the unicorns, and many duplicates by following Manteo’s link. Good luck hunting your unicorns!

I want do get the unicorn car achievement and i hear form a friend that i need the vip-membership to get a unicorn car. yesterday i purchased the vip-membership but i don’t get some gift cars from turn10. can me help somebody what i have to do now?

Sticky thread at the top of this forum:
Current unicorn and contest opportunities in FM4
No VIP needed.
Good luck.

GT: iRage2Much4u

Can i please have the top secret supra, silvia s15, and the mazda rx7 unicorn cars!

Unicorns aren’t awarded for asking here. Read the first and most recent posts in this thread, stickied at the top of the forum:

for the record VIP Membership does not get you Unicorn cars from Turn 10. there are 5 cars that are exclusive to VIPs (not Unicorns) and included gift cars from them. However Those gifts had a 30 day expiry date on them once they landed in your inbox to redeem so if a player were to get VIP now I don’t think they would be receiving any cars from Turn 10

Luckily, I have a contact at Turn 10 who sent me every Unicorn car, which was very generous of him.

Hello, does anybody know if T10 is still rewarding unicorn cars for completing the 360 laps on Le Mans? Recently completed this massive feat in honor of the 2014 race and found that at one point they supposedly rewarded those who finished and had proof of completion, all the unicorns. Luckily I had and still have proof, sent it to the email provided but no response. Is it still active? Will my email eventually be read? Any help is appreciated.

GT: Rytsary1

that was done last year I doubt they will award Unicorns now

As Rossi said, that was an official T10 event held last summer. I don’t think they did it this year. If they did, it was probably in FM5.

does t10 still hand out unicorns on fm4 i been tryin to get a hardtop camaro forever so turn 10 if you read thhis plz hook me up with one or not to be demanding two. id like one for drift and drag if possible youd make my day. thx

There’s a thread stickied at the top of the forum. Please read it.

is there anymore events coming up? so i can can unicorn cars?

Look here. It explains how you can still win unicorns.


They should be sale the unicorns as a pack just like they did with porsche or something :grinning:

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Good idea, because unicorn hunter achievement is unobtainable!

T10 still run contests to get unicorns so it is still very much attainable.