unicorn cars

everyone loves unicorn cars

Pls FM6

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Your not really making a particularly strong case with a statement like that.


I’m against unicorns because, while they may be novel, they’re nothing but a hassle. And if I don’t love unicorn cars your statement that everybody loves unicorn cars has already been proven false. You’re not off to a great start here…


This. The last time we had Unicorns was a slap in the face to just about everyone; Forza Horizon was already lacking in cars and somehow they saw fit to section off a chunk of them just for Unicorn purposes. =/ Worse yet, these were completely unique and desirable cars, not just mild modifications like the unicorns in Forza 4.

Forza Motorsport 5 was notorious for its smaller car list and now Forza Motorsport 6 needs all the cars it can get. Unicorns will just take away from that.


I quite liked the unicorn cars. I thought that having a car that was rare amoung the community was kind if cool. I hope they bring them back because it gives the feeling of having a special car.

They were about as rare as the games starter car.


It could do, but it could also add to it aswell. Personally I don’t think that they will come back but I want them to.

Really? I could hardly ever find them. The only two I ever got were the 430 scuderia and the gallardo superleggera