Unfairly banned

I need some help, I didn’t play at all yesterday and I come on today and have received a 7 day ban for doing nothing wrong I have no designs that breach tos the closest one being a huayra bc livery that’s sponsored by corona extra and obviously not related to the pandemic if that’s the case that’s quite frankly ridiculous. I have 65k downloads and am out of nowhere banned for no reason, even once it’s sorted I’ll be nervous to still use the creative hub as a result of not wanting to be banned for 30 days or permanently, I did think it could have been the auction house for selling cats for 20 Mil and having 610mil credits but that’s all legit from being legend painter. Can someone me maybe a mod or something, 8 have sent 2 tickets and 4 follow ups and they all say ‘solved’ yet I am banned. Please and thank you