Unfair races

How is it possible that in the live mode I enter the race where I write: Goliath Retro Super Cars I have to choose only these cars, race starts and the one drives, what he organized have the Hyper Car MClaren X999. After all, such a race does not make sense.

Is it possible to somehow avoid such uneven races?

It’s a huge problem now. In any race people create because there is a car type restrictions but there is NO CLASS restrictions. Even in a sesonal championships I rode Dutsun A800 and people who connected were on stock.

The ony solution BY NOW - not playing multiplayer races. Or play with friends and choose same class cars.

To be fair, the game accounts for that. The more players have stock cars, the more drivatars do as well. That makes it easier or you to win with your A800 and for others to pass a few drivatars. Theoretically, with any luck, you should win with no problems, provided you drive well.

Pretty positive you can set a class restriction, which would set the maximum class you can be. A stock Datsun would absolutely be eligible for an A-class maximum race.

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ok. An how to do that in seasonal championship?

Not possible in seasonal ones. Only in custom blueprints.

I now that but the problem is when you see the invitation you can’t see the restrictions.

And you can’t set class restrictions in Route Creator.

Of course you can’t. You’re creating the route, nothing more. It’s in Blueprint that you decide what cars are racing on it.

I agree though that it would be handy to see the restrictions when joining a session, even if in almost all cases you’re just going to choose the fastest vehicle that’s eligible anyway.

That’s definitely possible. Done it numerous times with my created tracks. You have to be in a Horizon Life lobby to gain the option while blueprinting though. When “offline” you can’t set class restriction for whatever reason. Just another case of bad game design.

Wouldn’t recommend doing a seasonal championship online anyway, as it can interfere with you getting the rewards.

I believe you create and blueprint at the same time, with custom routes. I can’t change any settings on a route I created

When I get to the Blueprint phase of creating a custom route I have all the same options I usually have for creating a Blueprint. Moreover, afterwards I can come back to that event starting point and create a different Blueprint using my created route.

exactly! And how can I be online if I have to create blueprint for my custom route immediately after I created it? I’m not getting this… Or am I missing something?
You made a custome route, then right away it’s recording as a blueprint and all this done offline in route creator… How to set the class restrictions if I chose Anything Goes? If I’m doing this with the race from career - I can set a class and for my personal route - there is no such option. At least I didn’t see it there.

Be online in the first place when you use the route creator. Or create a new blueprint using that custom route while you’re online. In either case you should then have an option for class restrictions.

You have to create a PVP or Co-Op blueprint to add class restrictions.