Unfair bad reputation for cheating

When I leveled up a couple of days ago, the McLaren F1 GT popped up and I bought it and tuned it really well for the S class Breakout Hopper. I won more than a dozen consecutive S class Breakout Hopper races with it in a CLEAN way, almost always being more than a second a lap faster than anybody else. At some point I heard a player say through game chat: “Invite everybody, because I want y’all to see this”. Suddenly the lobby filled up from around 15 players to a full lobby. I kept winning races with the McLaren and then the same guy said: “He is cheating, isn’t he? Report him everybody, report his a**”.

Long story short, I now have a bad reputation on Xbox, just because some frustrated kids were worse than I was and they reported me for cheating. Xbox Support and Microsoft aren’t willing to help me and because of my bad reputation, there are some games I can’t play online anymore. The only advice I got from Xbox Support is to play more multiplayer…

I wonder if anyone else here has experienced getting an unfair bad reputation and knows how to solve the issue. What do I do now? Drive slowly on purpose? I just hate to see a decent driver like me, who races clean with other clean drivers, getting a bad reputation, when childish rammers are still out there.

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there are ppl put there that will block you cuz your better than them or for whatever childish reason.

This is the problem with all forms of social media, people can pretty much say what they want and hide behind anonimity.

Having said that, if you domonate a hopper youre setting yourself up as a target. Perhaps after realising you were dominating you should have changed cars.


Competition is a bloody and unfair business. It can bring out the best in people, but it more often brings out the worst. If you dive into a cesspool, don’t expect to come out smelling like a rose.

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It won’t make any difference unless LOTS of people report you. On the 360 I was reported for bad language by a couple of people but they were unknown to me coming into game chats with people who were quite happy with my spicy tongue whilst drunk. You definitely have to be bad to be banned from anything

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he isnt talking about language. but dont use bad language in public or private chat… believe me when i say xbox code enforcement is listening to everything… its a proven fact…

The way i used to handle it in Forza 4 was to toy with the field until the final lap and then blitz them, if they think they have a chance it seems more competitive.

Just sandbag a bit and win late on :slight_smile:

A small amount of people reporting shouldn’t make a difference.

Your “! Reputation: Avoid Me” rating is from the Xbox Live Policy Enforcement Team (PET), which investigates and verifies each report. If you have multiple games in which you’re now either permanently or temporarily removed from participating, that is a decision from PET, not Turn 10 or Playground Games.

Only PET has the authority to put that warning up on your Xbox , based on their observations after investigating reports. Such as your numerous FM7 game clips driving the wrong way on tracks, intentionally bashing into other cars head-on, cutting corners while going the wrong way and playing bumper cars instead of actually racing.


I do love the smell of roasted OP in the morning…


Just in time for Christmas too :smiley:


I have missed the “voice of truth” around here. Welcome back Owl, and Merry Christmas everyone.

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Oh man, thats a spicy meatball.

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Not “roasting” anyone, just explaining the Reputation notation doesn’t come from Turn 10 or Playground Games, but Xbox Live and the Policy Enforcement Team after making truthful evaluations, and the probably reasons why the player was labeled as “Avoid Me” by the PET folks.

Best way to correct that reputation is by keeping within the rules, not trying to cover up the wrongdoing with excuses.

And Happy Holidays to everyone. Hug your loved ones, and do something kind for a stranger even if it is just giving them a smile.



A quick look through your activity feed shows exactly why your reputation is set to ‘Avoid me’


Yeah,if you are going to come on the forums and lie,you should not leave video evidence behind.


'Tis the season to be nice.

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Of course,sorry sir,Merry Christmas!!!

All I want to say is that I have had nearly 150 reports on my account at one point in time and never had a “Needs Work” or “Avoid Me”.